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Date Dog Breed Title Location Price Pic
Apr 3 Yorkshire Terrier Yorkchon Skipwith, VA $750
Apr 3 Any Coton De Tulear Skipwith, VA $700
Apr 3 Shih Tzu Shih Tzu Male ckc Skipwith, VA $650
Apr 2 Border Collie Border Collie Pups Merle Red Sable B&W Carthage, NC $0
Apr 1 Golden Retriever golden retriever pup for sale Silver Spring, MD $500
Apr 1 Pit Bull pit bull with blue eyes for sale Silver Spring, MD $600
Apr 1 Chow Chow chow chow creamy girl for sale Silver Spring, MD $1000
Mar 28 Any 7 week old purebred short hair dachshund Stephens City, VA $375 NO
Mar 22 Any German Rottweiler puppies Greensboro, NC $1500
Mar 18 Siberian Husky Adorable Siberian Husky looking for Good New York, NY $300 NO
Mar 16 Yorkshire Terrier Insert title here. Baltimore, MD $400
Mar 13 Any Insert title here. Wilkesboro, NC $0
Mar 13 Any Basset Hound Puppies born Feb 2016 in NC Wilkesboro, NC $0
Mar 12 Any Cane Corso For Sale Harrisburg, PA $800 NO
Mar 8 German Shepherd Dog Great Puppy needs home Friendship, MD $700 NO
Mar 6 Beagle I have a beagle bulldog needs a new home Fairfax, VA $200 NO
Mar 6 Poodle Toy poodle small size Frostburg, MD $800
Mar 5 Shih Tzu Insert title here. Staten Island, NY $900 NO
Mar 4 Any Insert title here. Rock Hill, SC $1500
Feb 29 Other Catahoula Leopard Dog Warminster, PA $300
Feb 24 American Staffordshire Terrier Xh Pitts 75 lbs and up Pembroke, NC $200 NO
Feb 21 Basset Hound Basset Hound Puppies born Feb 2016 in NC Wilkesboro, NC $550
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